• 106 Ashley Hall Court - Milton'ish (Just inside Cherokee County), GA  30188 • USA •

Luxury Home - Partially Finished - Ready for your Builder

Exterior Back View

The lot is quite large with approximately  2 3/4 acres. However, since all the lots are very large, you get the additional benefit of many trees separating you from your neighbors providing you plentiful privacy!

A nice flat back yard provides you with the ability to have a much desired "Walk-Out" pool accessible from the main level living space.

A view of the home from the back middle of the lot.

PLENTY of space for a pool, large garden, even a tennis court.

Or, perhaps, all three!

While you are in the back yard, everyone be quiet and just listen to the quiet. This is one of the quietest properties that you have visited.

That is hard to find these days!